See data differently, grow smarter.

FABRiK™ software seamlessly connects, interacts and enhances your data, systems and processes to create value, realise efficiencies and leverage potential.


See data differently, exert better business control.

FABRiK™ is highly configurable software that can deliver ROI in many ways depending on the strategic needs and unique challenges your business faces.

The software solution empowers users to:

  • Inform strategic decision making

  • Identify and facilitate cost savings

  • Increase staff productivity

  • Highlight inefficiencies and streamline current processes

  • Affect and support behaviour change

…Unlocking latent value hidden within your business.

Flexible and adaptable

Data; super powered by context.

FABRiK™ seamlessly brings data together in one place, adding context and delivering value that simply doesn’t exist in its siloed form.

FABRiK™ machine learning layer technology can be seamlessly inserted and integrate into any organisational system, stack and/or software platform. It can connect and feedback into a huge range of data sources and types while maintaining data integrity and storage location.

FABRiK™ ecosystem

Services and software from Xerini, client internal teams and 3rd party developers that support, grow and enhance the Fabrik system


Robust data insights, better business decisions.

Powerful software features woven into the core of FABRiK™ maximise the value of your existing data, accelerate project development times and provide intelligent connections which underpin significant business benefits.


  • Bring data from different sources into one place for analysis and action

  • Allow these data sets to be explored, searched and mined within a shared context

  • Link and join datasets easily to tables, charts and graphs to transform it visually

  • Out-of-the-box integration with the MS Power Platform (Power Apps, Power BI, Dataverse)

  • N-eyes approval system for data that needs to be verified by multiple people

  • Artefact-aware workflow tool to model and control data processes

FABRiK™ Business Benefits:

  • Gain powerful insights to make data-driven business decisions that can fundamentally improve the bottom-line

  • Build upon existing investments in existing systems by layering our system on top rather than replacing everything

  • Improve staff efficiency, they can find the data/information they need much faster

  • Accelerated development time for a tailored software solution

  • Reduced risk of delivery. We can achieve quite a lot just out-of-the-box

  • Get control and visibility of manual processes to help both strengthen and simplify the business

Seamless Connections, one SmartView.

FABRiK™ unlocks latent business value by seamlessly connecting your existing systems and data into a single SmartView.

Intelligent Automation, accelerating business value.

FABRiK™ reduces manual data processing through intelligent automation improving efficiency and increasing bottom line value.


Easy ways to work with FABRiK™.

FABRiK™ software is hugely flexible and easy to work with. There are 3 simple working models, designed and tailored to address specific business challenges and support requirements.


FABRiK™ – standard software updates

Standard Support


FABRiK™ – standard software updates

Enhanced Support

Consultancy initiation service set-up


FABRiK™ – standard software updates

Enhanced Support

Consultancy initation service set-up

Ongoing development roadmap
(retained service/tailored development cycle)


Get connected with FABRiK™.

  • Cost effective solution delivering significant business ROI

  • Built by software industry experts

  • Tailored software solution to unique client needs

  • Mitigate risks to your business

  • Rapid development of data-intensive applications

  • Reduces manual data processing

  • Improves productivity

  • Reduces duplicate data and storage costs

  • Squeezes out even more value from your existing systems, makes the most of your investment in technology

See data differently, insight action.

Accelerating data value.

  • Xerini are a technology and data analytics company

  • Owner managed by 3 founders

  • Working in collaborative partnership with clients

  • Providing specialist services to support FABRiK™ configuration and implementation

  • Intelligence and experience on top of legacy systems to refresh, renew and renovate an organisation’s existing investments

A proven track record in delivering working software


Let’s get everything working together.

Unlock value from your current data and systems with FABRiK™